Oh, the Camp Fitch Bunch is the truest and the best . . .

The community at Camp Fitch has allowed thousands of kids to find their voice, their talents and awakened a passion for living a thoughtful and considered life.  The intention of this site is to celebrate these people: those who shared great days with kids of all ages on the sunny shores of Lake Erie and those who continue to keep things going and never take a rest.

Pygmy Island is Camp Fitch’s alumni web resource! You can view photos, read about the people and stories that make our community unique and keep up with the latest happenings at Camp Fitch.

Photo Galleries

Our summer yearbooks have for decades provided a strong link to the great people who have made Camp Fitch such a wonderful place to be. In the Dining Hall, the Memory Boards document the nearly 100 years of Camp Fitch history. The photo galleries on Pygmy Island extend these great photo collections and allow you to virtually transport yourself to Camp on those days that you feel like a “campsick homer.”

Do you have any photos you’d like to contribute? Upload them to this site by emailing the photo to pygmyisland@email.smugmug.com. Attach the photo (or photos) to the email message and in the subject line write: “boomchicka” (without the quotes — this is a spam filter of sorts) and in the body of the message add a caption (along with the year they were taken). Then, one of the friendly pygmies who manage the site will stick it in the right gallery and you should be able to see it. If you have a lot of photos, contact us and we’ll show you a better way that includes access to edit captions and keywords.


Although photographs are worth 1000 words, that’s not always enough to tell the whole story. Fitchipedia is an editable body of articles inspired by Wikipedia. Not only will Fitchipedia provide a mechanism for recording fun stories and biographies, but the linkable nature of the format will allow us to illustrate the ways in which we are connected. Get started by creating a page about yourself with links to your counselor, village director, fellow campers and staff or other things that were important to you at Camp. It’s also a great place to record fun Camp stories or events.

Other Archives

Some of the materials about Camp Fitch that have been saved aren’t photographs. We have old newsletters, correspondence, brochures and booklets from anniversary celebrations.  As those are scanned, they’ll find a permanent home in this section of Pygmy Island.


We started the forums eight years ago to help our summer staff organize and plan programs.  To gain access to the forums, you have to register and choose a username.  Facebook has largely become the platform where our summer staff communicate and in many ways its a better tool, so there’s not many new conversations on the forums lately.


Thanks go out to Mike Berty (Shawnee VD ’94-’95) for giving us permission to use his images. Mike did all of this artwork for a Fitchopoly game that he and his fellow directors invented for an All-Camp for many years in the mid-nineties. He and Kelly Barton Poese also did a table-top version of the game that was highly sought after at Family Camp auction. We also thank SmugMug for donating a full-featured account that drives the photo gallery portion of the site.
Things around Pygmy Island are still a little rough around the edges; web technology was slow to make it across the lake since they were counting on piggy-backing Camp Fitch’s wireless network. So, if you see a problem or something that doesn’t work right, let us know. More importantly, though, if you’d like to contribute but you need some technical assistance, give a shout by email and we’ll get you squared away.

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